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  • Vintage Clutch

    The perfect clutch for men and women

    Are you looking for the right clutch for your iPad, books, magazines or documents? Here you will find something. We offer a number of practical clutches for university or work. Since we want you to have something of our stylish bags for a long time, we attach particular importance to impeccable workmanship and the selection of the best materials. Our messenger bags are therefore made of the finest cowhide and high-quality fabrics. We will provide you with the matching clutch for men or women. Convince yourself of high quality, trendy designs and practical layouts.

    The production - a matter of the heart

    If we do the things we do with love, then they will be fine. Our clutch for men and women has been produced in a lengthy process with love by hand in our hometown of Berlin and this is obvious. When making our messenger bags we go into great detail to achieve the best possible result and to meet your requirements.

    Smart designs - tailored to your needs

    We know what it takes to make a bag so it can withstand all the everyday resistance of frequent use and stash your electronics, papers and similar items smartly and safely.
    That's why we've put a lot of thought into creating practical designs.


    Also very handy inside
    All of our messenger bags have several inside pockets to organize the contents of your bag. To store pens and cards, our Messenger Bag Salzburg, a clutch ideal for men or women, also has card and pen holders. With a removable shoulder strap, you can flexibly transport our Messenger Bag Lucerne. So if your arm is hurting, just attach the adjustable shoulder strap. This clutch is suitable for ladies and gentlemen alike. Of course, your bag should also impress with a nice appearance.


    Vintage design and exclusive design

    Our exclusive vintage designs are a real eye-catcher and, in combination with the sophisticated interior design, make the perfect bag for you, whether you are looking for a clutch for men or women.

  • Camera Bags

    Looking for a chic and high-quality camera bag? Here you will find exclusive camera bags made of leather and canvas. The camera bags are characterized by high-quality workmanship, the functionality and the high quality of the processed materials. Enjoy browsing!

  • Handbags

    Handbags in Italian design for women

    Are you looking for a handbag for women? Here you will find exclusive handbags for ladies in Italian design. The bags are high quality and available in different colors. The bags are not only chic but also multifunctional. Whether you want to take a laptop, cosmetics or accessories. Thanks to the practical inside pockets they are perfectly prepared for everyday life.


    High quality material, excellent workmanship and great feel

    All women's handbags are made of high quality material such as Cowhide made. The leather not only has a great look, but also an excellent feel. When looking at the leather you just want to touch it and not let it go again. The inner fabric is made of durable fabric and guarantees a long service life. The fabrics inside the pockets are also pleasant to the touch.


    High functionality and perfect everyday usability

    Handbags from TRENDSTER are characterized not only by their exclusive design, but also by their suitability for everyday use. When developing the bags, special emphasis is placed on functionality and suitability for everyday use. A laptop or tablet fits comfortably in most cases. Also books, documents, accessories, cosmetics, an umbrella and other everyday utensils can be easily accommodated.


    Exclusive selection of handbags: the choice is yours

    With a women's handbag from TRENDSTER, you'll catch the eye. No matter where you are. The trendy and exclusive design attracts attention. And not only with friends and colleagues, but also on the boulevards of the city. The handbag "San Marino" is made for trendsetters. The fashion-conscious woman of today does not want off-the-peg design, as with many others, but exclusivity. This handbag entirely in Italian design is like love at first sight. You can not take your eyes off her.


    High quality and durable: handbags from TRENDSTER

    The manufacturing process is subject to permanent and strict quality control. The production takes place in careful and loving handwork. The materials used are all high quality and durable. The leather comes from cattle. It looks natural and has a naturally preserved fiber structure. The materials used are also high quality. They are made of durable fabric and are characterized by a high load capacity. All materials used are real flatterers.


    We are convinced of the quality of our products: Convince yourself!

    Therefore, we offer all customers a 30 day money back guarantee. In addition, all products are guaranteed for 2 years. Customer reviews on different portals speak a clear language: the average rating reaches there on average 5 stars. (Source: DaWanda, Etsy) We are happy to make you a satisfied customer. If something does not meet your expectations, our customer service guarantees guaranteed relief! This promise is not only valid if you want to buy a handbag for women!

  • Hobo Bags

    Exclusive and trendy bag bags for ladies made of genuine leather with Italian charm. The leather used meets the highest quality standards and looks just as chic a few years as on the first day. Pouches are currently very much in vogue. So do not hesitate, but browse!